Stepping Over the Threshold

ad_2009_cm_threshold_logoDo you remember when you stepped over the threshold? You weren’t sure how your marriage was going to work out, but you and your spouse stepped over the threshold into your first home anyway. Maybe you remember the lump in your throat the first time you stepped over the threshold at a new job or a new school. Many of you can recall the apprehensive feeling of stepping over the threshold into our church the very first time.

Defining moments often occur when stepping over a threshold, and that’s the spirit we’re taking into our new 6th Grade Sunday School class, the Threshold. Our young people live in challenging times, times when ten-year-olds act like teenagers, and grown men do too! Perhaps they are attracted by the aura of privilege without responsibility; or maybe they’re just afraid to step over the threshold into real adulthood.

In the midst of a culture where kids grow up too fast, and grown-ups never do, we aim to partner with parents in raising up a generation that takes their cue from the leading of the Spirit and steps over the threshold when the time is right.

Our 6th graders have come to such a time. The time is almost ripe for them to step into the youth group here at church, where new privileges and challenges await. Too many have taken this step only to fall by the wayside for lack of guidance. Too many parents have failed to steer their children through the difficult changes of the junior high/middle school years. Too many churches have watched idly as these fragile ships have wrecked on the rocks of Satan’s snares, entranced by the siren songs of an enchanting but wicked world.

We seek to meet these challenges head-on through focused Bible study, prayer, and fellowship geared toward helping 6th graders and their parents prepare for (what many of us remember as) the rough and rocky teen years. These years can be some of the most rewarding times in the lives of parents and children alike, but all of us need to be ready, because the reward is well worth it.

Join us, 6th graders, as we prepare to enter a stage of growth and training that will set the course of your life. So how about it? Are you ready to step over the threshold?

Threshold meets Sunday mornings @ 9:30 am in the mission house basement, starting April 19.

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