pollutionWe hear a lot about a green earth, recycling, carbon emissions, air pollution, second-hand smoke and other air-borne pollutants. One pollutant that is destroying many homes and for which there are not many warnings is the pollution of moral impurity. Many homes have felt the shockwaves of moral impurity.

The Purity PrinciplePurity is always smart; impurity is always stupid is the central theme of this easy-to-read book. About two months ago I read a blog post about The Purity Principle as I was getting ready to preach a series on dating in youth group. Rather than preach on the “nuts & bolts” of dating, I used it as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of purity in life, specifically dating relationships. There is no doubt in my mind that God lead me to this book “for such a time as this.” I felt as if every chapter was a breath of fresh air as an individual attempting to breathe in a culture of  moral smog. Chapters include…


  • Forfeiting What Could Have Been
  • Targeted and Vulnerable
  • The Battle is in Your Mind
  • Getting Radical
  • Guidelines for Singles
  • Guidelines for Couples & Parents

Purity is not the ultimate goal. Purity is a means to an end. The end goal is a growing, meaningful relationship with Christ. I know most men are not “readers,” but even the most unmotivated reader could read through this book in two evenings. If we put the principles into practice that the author suggests and that the Bible mandates, our relationships will be stronger, our families will be stronger, and our church will be stronger. The generation following us needs to see men and women who have done battle with moral impurity and come out victorious! I highly recommend this book for adults and older teenagers. The first chapter begins…

Eric stormed into my office and flopped into a chair. ‘I’m really mad at God.’

Having grown up in a strong church family, he’d met and married a Christian girl. Now he was the picture of misery.

‘Okay…so why are you mad at God?’

‘Because,’ he said, ‘last week I committed adultery.’

Long pause. Finally I said, ‘I can see why God would be mad at you. But why are you mad at God?’

Eric explained that for several months he’d felt a strong, mutual attraction with a woman at his office. He’d prayed earnestly that God would keep him from immorality.

‘Did you ask your wife to pray for you?’ I said. ‘Did you stay away from the woman?’

‘Well…no. We went out for lunch almost every day.’

Slowly I started pushing a big book across my desk.

Eric watched, uncomprehending, as the book inched closer and closer to the edge. I prayed aloud, ‘O Lord, please keep this book from falling!’

I kept pushing and praying. God didn’t suspend the law of gravity. The book went right over the edge, smacking the floor.

‘I’m mad at God,’ I said to Eric. ‘I asked HIm to keep my book from falling…but He let me down!’

2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a good book, Pastor Mosier. Do we have it in our bookstore?

  2. We do have it in our bookstore. It was so impacting I made sure that each of our youth staff got a copy.

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