9th Ranked Google Term

google-logoI recently heard on a local talk radio program that the 9th ranked Google term in the “How To” list was how to pray. There are a number of different way to look at this.

1st: There is a new religious awakening in America.
2nd: People will often describe themselves as “spiritual”, but certainly not “religious.” Maybe this is our country’s spiritual side coming through.
3rd: This third view is the one I take, which is, that there is a longing for something greater in people’s lives.

The Bible makes it very clear that the fields are “white already to harvest” (John 4:35). Yes, fields can be tough, but thankfully we’ve been given a “sowing & reaping instrument” that can cut through the rockiest of soils (Catholicism, religionism, humanism). Our country is in a moral and spiritual decline, and has been for some time. But when we read and hear of statistics like this one, it ought to instill hope that God is at work in people’s lives, that there really is a God-sized hole in every human soul that can only be met by the Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Abortion stats increasing? Yes. Christianity on the decline? Yes. Moral values being attacked? Yes. God’s Word still as powerful as if Jesus Himself was speaking? Absolutely.

So while the 9th ranked Google term is not necessarily the ushering in of a national revival, it is a glimmer of what God is doing in preparing people’s hearts for believers like you and me to sow the seed and reap a full harvest.

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