5 Reasons Your Child Should Join Bethel Baseball

  1. baseballYou get to spend quality time with your child.
    Nowadays, finding time with your son or daughter isn’t always easy. Enrolling them in Bethel Baseball helps you clear time in your schedule for the purpose of spending it with your child. Before long, those little munchkins will be headed off to college, so don’t waste your weekends–spend some time with the kids! You may have to push aside some urgent stuff, but quality time with your kids is a non-negotiable.
  2. Your child can make new friends that he or she wouldn’t otherwise get to know.
    Putting your child in a situation where he or she has to get along with other kids in order to succeed will teach valuable lessons for real life. We don’t always get to pick and choose who we work with (or go to church with), but we have to get along anyway. In addition, Bethel Baseball provides a controlled environment in which your kids can get to know unbelieving children. You may not allow your kids to go over their house, but you can at least let them play baseball together. Trust me, it’ll be fine.
  3. It will give you the opportunity to meet other parents with kids.
    Right now, you may not feel very threatened by your children’s friends. But there will come a time when they might begin to value friendships over family. When that time comes, don’t you want to be in close communication with the parents of those friends? Develop relationships early on with other parents so that you can help each other through difficult parenting times. Besides, many of the parents that come to Bethel Baseball do not know the Lord. Take the time to meet them, invite them to church (or into your home), and share Christ’s love with them.
  4. It will give you the opportunity to help your child excel at something fun.
    Teaching your child to play T-Ball may seem like a time filler, but it can hone your patience and your communication. Kids need to be able to talk with their parents. Cultivate a spirit of openness and communication with something as fun and harmless as baseball, so that your kids will know that you are on their side when the going gets tough.
  5. Your child will learn how to be a team player.
    We’re not naturally team-oriented. All of us have a tendency to look out for our own good. Involving a child in a team where they have to put effort and sacrifice into something greater than themselves can translate into more important things, like church or family. Be careful–this one can backfire. If your child is athletically gifted, his superstar status can contribute to the individualism we’re trying to overcome. Remind them that the important thing is to contribute 100% of their gifts and abilities to the interests of the team, not themselves.

Find out more about Bethel Baseball by visiting the Bethel Baseball Facebook page, or print off registration forms for T-Ball and Baseball.

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