Kids Who Seek God’s Kingdom First

ad_2009_cm_sac_kingdom_questAmerica is the land of opportunity. If you want it bad enough, you can get it. We all make sure our children grow up knowing this foundational American value. That only leaves us with one question: what do we want the most? For most people, answering this question is all too easy: “Give me a big house, a lot of toys, a load of cash, a pretty wife, 2.5 kids. . . .” The list goes on and on.

Having these things is not a problem. Wanting these things is not a problem. But the question is, what do we want the most? I want to be able to stand before God someday and honestly tell Him that I wanted His kingdom–His perfect plan–more than anything else.

Just as important, I want my kids to be able to say the same thing. I want them to come to the end of life having pursued the plan of God to the fullest extent. When all their peers are chasing dreams that will fade like the morning’s mist, I want them to follow a vision that ends in exuberant joy and satisfaction, to have an eternal reward that will never fade away, to heap up a treasure in a place where moth and rust have no effect.

Teaching our kids to press forward for the kingdom is no easy task in a world that values the here and now. But that’s the mission of Kingdom Seekers. When we give an account to God for our work in children’s ministry, He won’t care how neat our crafts were or whether we had a great AWANA Derby. He will be deeply concerned with what we taught our children to want the most. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).

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