Benefits Of Reading Through The Entire Bible

bibleLet’ face it: it can be hard to find time to just sit down and read.  However, having made that statement, let me also state that for all time the Bible is in word form.  It is the Word of God (John 1:1).  It is a book and a very special one at that. Have you ever wanted to see some of the biblical stories portrayed on DVD?  The parting of the Red Sea, Elijah on Mount Carmel, Gideon, or even the end times events?  God however has given us a written record that attests to be “powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword.”

So, here is my question, have you ever read through the entire Bible?  Cover to cover?  If not, can I strongly challenge you to consider doing so?  This is not just for adults: teenagers and busy college students–you can do this too.  First of all, do not get locked in to having to do it in one year.  There are some very good One Year Bibles out there and about a half a dozen different reading plans.  You do need a reading plan but the most important thing is consistency.  The average reader spending about 25 minutes a day can read through the whole Bible.  Let me give you some very important benefits of reading through the Bible.

1.  Satisfaction – Let’s face it, how many people try reading through the Bible?  Now I don’t mean reading through puts you in a “special” super spiritual category.  I mean you will have made a decision to read through the most important book ever written.  2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that it is inspired or “God-breathed.”  Psalms reminds us that “Thy Word, O Lord, is settled in heaven.”  There are lots of things to read but nothing as important as this.

2.  Redemption – The Bible was written by 40 authors and contains 66 books.  Its stories are varied and its characters many.  However, there is one theme: God providing a way to purchase us back through the sacrifice of His Son.  All books of the Bible lead to Calvary.  Reading through the Bible will give you a greater understanding and deep appreciation for God’s infinitely matchless plan to show you He loves you.

3  Transformation – There is only one book that delivers on the kinds of promises the Bible makes.  Only by the Holy Spirit’s illumination of the Word of God can we be changed.  Illumination is when the Spirit shines the flashlight on a passage and you see God’s truth in a fresh and life impacting way.  The Bible is filled with “exceeding great and precious promises” that are to be claimed.  And when we believe them and live by them we are changed.

In another post I would like to talk about journaling and its benefits as you read through the Bible.  For now though, why don’t you decide to give it a try?  It won’t hurt and it could change your life.

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