A Global Gospel: Spain – Allentown – Sellersville – Spain

global-communityWe’re told that we live in a global community an it’s true. But let me give one illustration of how it happened here at Bethel this past Sunday. Jack Dowler, who teaches a Sunday School class to the children who ride the bus to church told me this afternoon that his wife, Jen, was able to lead a 4th grade girl from Spain to Christ. This little girl was visiting extended family in Allentown and decided to come to church with her cousin. What a privilege Jen experienced as this little girl in Spanish and through tears accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. I’m thankful for the bus pastor who spent time on Saturday knocking on doors making sure a little girl came to church. I’m thankful for a bus driver who got up a little early on Sunday morning to drive a bus up to Allentown to pick up boys and girls to hear and live the Gospel. I’m thankful for the bus workers who helped with the program on the bus to prepare little hearts to respond to the Gospel. Praise God for folks giving of themselves to give the Gospel!

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  1. Amen! That’s what it’s all about.

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