Is It Worth It?

“Mom, I need $3 for blitzing.” “Dad, I need $10 for the youth activity.” $25 for teen camp registration before Christmas time. Winter retreat registration due right as credit card bills. A few bucks for AWANA, more for another ministry event. Especially when two or three are involved in the same ministry you begin to wonder if it’s all worth it.

We’ve all heard the quote regarding Christian education that “it doesn’t cost, it pays,” which, I wholeheartedly agree with. Yet at the same time busyness and expense of activity does not insure godly children. Remember, that our goal is godly children not, simply, good children. So the question remains, is it worth it?

I’d like to suggest three reasons why the cost, expense and readjusting of our schedules really is worth it all. Reason 1: We prioritize what we put money into. Occasionally, needy people will call the church asking for assistance because of a financial need. It always strikes me when one walks into their home to find a 50 inch tv screen with all the extras that can come with cable tv. They are communicating to their children, for good or bad, that when times get tough the last thing one does without is the cable tv. So we too prioritze what we put our money into. Sometimes it may not be about the activity at all, but rather the desire to communicate to our children and teenagers the reason why you’re going (even with the expense) is that we are going to make the church and activities of the church our highest priority. Reason 2: The spiritual return of limited resources communicates our belief system. I know this is a very similar reason to the first reason, but let me work this out for a moment. We choose to communicate to our children that junior and teen camp (or many other activities) are so important we will budget money ten months in advance so that our child(ren) will be a part of something that has inestimable spiritual value. Reason 3: The privilege of having my children around adults who love Christ. I desire for my kids to be a part of Bethel Baseball, AWANA’s or the many other “things” because I want the impact of godly adults on my children. I want them to know that there is an entire church family who desire for them to walk with God just like their mom and dad do.

Missing one activity will not make or break the spiritual success of a teenager, but rather it is the accumulated effect of constant exposure to godly mentors, Bible preaching and the demonstration of God’s power. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Is it inconvenient at times? Sure. But my desire as a dad is to communicate what really matters most in life – Jesus Christ, His church and living for Him.

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