No, this is not a blog post on keeping those new year resolutions. I promise. Rather, 2 Corinthians 5.7 has occupied my mind for some time, “For we walk by faith, and not by sight.” I don’t know much about power-walking, but I do know a little something about running. Running is 1) Purposeful, 2) Persistent and 3) Passionate. Our Christian lives are begun by faith and they culminate in death by faith. The Christian life is to be characterized and dominated by faith. What does living by faith look like for a believer in 2009?

Living by faith is purposeful. Living by faith does not happen by accident. We don’t wake up after a couple of years in our Christian lives and think “Wow, I’ve really been living by faith!” It is purposeful or intentional. That is, we must be thinking about in what areas of our lives are we truly living by faith? Faith is utter dependence upon God. Can you look back at some aspect of your life over the past few months and note how you have intentionally placed yourself in utter dependence upon God? Begin by “planning/creating” a life of faith-living. Put yourself in positions where only God can work – tithing, teaching in a Sunday School class, witnessing to unbelievers.

Living by faith is persistent. Just as the runner is consistent (or at least a dedicated runner), so we too must be persistent and consistent in living our lives by faith. Being persistent is a choice. The Christians that we admire are believers who have consistently demonstrated living by faith and it was not by accident that their lives have impacted people the way they do. Godliness happens not over days or weeks but rather month after month, year after year and yet at the same time we will never get to the year after year until we commit ourselves day after day.

Living by faith is passionate. I used to think passionate Christians were ones who had a certain disposition that allowed them to be so excited and excitable. Passion comes as we expose ourselves to the truth and more specifically – sustained exposure.

Younger Christians are longing to see Christianity lived out. Walking by faith does just that – it makes our Christianity real!

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