Faith to Sing

Music staffDo you have faith to sing? “What does faith have to do with singing?” you ask.  Simply stated, singing is an act of obedience.  And every act of obedience to God’s Word is an act of faith. But what does this act of faith actually accomplish?

In one way, our singing is not about us.  It is about God.  The angels that sing around God’s throne are there for Him.  It is not about their receiving anything, but specifically about proclaiming His holiness and glory.  Proclaiming God’s character and works in song is an end in itself, for God commanded it. God’s glory is primary.  Whether or not we get anything out of it, or see some visible benefit is beside the point. When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he said that the rocks would have cried out if the people were silent. His receiving His rightful glory was the main thing. (I doubt if the rocks would have received any benefit.) This relieves us of the tension of constantly looking inward to see what we have gotten out of our singing.

Yet, God is gracious.  His glory is not disconnected from the “good” of His children (Rom. 8:28).  So, while our singing is first and foremost about God, God has graciously designed that our songs to Him benefit us as well.  The tragedies, then, of not singing are twofold.

1.  By our disobedience, we rob God of His rightful glory.

2.  By our disobedience, we deny ourselves one of God’s gracious means for our benefit.

And what gracious benefits do we receive? It is precisely that we are taught and admonished by Word-driven songs when we sing them to God and each other (Col. 3:16).  This new covenant teaching (from Ephesians 5 and Colossians 3) was certainly not old to Jewish believers.  Singing was a part of their God-given heritage.  It was God Who instructed Moses to teach a song of remembrance to the children of Israel.  It was God Who breathed out the Psalms.  It was God’s design that the most often quoted Old Testament book in the New Testament is the Psalms.  It is because these songs were so filled with doctrine that the New Testament writers so often referred to them to support their arguments.

So, let us have faith to sing.  I’m not talking about a men’s choir.  I am talking about singing in church and at home.  God commanded it.  It glorifies Him.  It edifies us. And faith pleases God.

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