The Wilds – Tuesday

Nicole & HeatherAs promised a great picture of Nicole W.and Heather B. calmly swinging from the Giant Swing!God & I Time

After Matt Herbster sang Beneath the Cross of Jesus, Evangelist Brownfield preached a message titled Don’t Waste Your Life from the life of Esau. He began by giving illustrations of two men who both died by the age of 29: David Brainerd and Robert Murray McCheyne. Brainerd’s biography, published by Jonathan Edwards, has been and continues to have a huge impact on the future missionaries of our generation. Brownfield illustrated that if a person lives 70 years he will spend:Evangelist Keven Brownfield

  • 20 years sleeping
  • 20 years working
  • 7 years of recreation
  • 6 years eating
  • 3-5 years on the telephone (add a year or two if your teen texts)
  • 5 years watching TV
  • 5-10 years on the internet
  • 5-10 years listening to music
  • 3 years waiting for somebody
  • 5 years tying shoes

Here are the main points of the message:

  1. Esau focused on the immediate rather than the eternal.
  2. Esau cherished what he should have disregarded and disregarded what he should have cherished.
  3. Esau’s shortsightedness prompted him to give up the ultimate for the immediate.
  4. Esau thought that earthly favor could overcome Divine accountability.
  5. Esau’s limited view of God and eternity motivated him to live a sensual life.
  6. Esau’s clouded vision kept him from seeing his brother’s deception.

We are seeing some definite answers to prayer. Today will be an important day for seeing some spiritual breakthroughs – so keep praying!

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It’s awesome to hear how God is working.
    Prayers with you!

  2. Points 1 & 3 sound like Dr. Bob Sr’s chapel saying —
    “Don’t sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate.” I’m reminded of that “saying” again and again and often quote it to the girls.

  3. Thank you for the pictures and updates.. I’m glued to them! Hope our new 7th graders are doing well. We are so excited what the Lord is doing ,and we are in constant prayer.

  4. Ok, I think I got it now. We weren’t looking on this site. We were gettin updated on facebook. Thanks Pmo for keeping us posted, we love you, and are praying for you all. Can’t wait to see what God has done in our teens lives from this camping experience.

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