The Wilds – Wednesday

Jordan Baun - part of Water WarsThe perfect day for Water Wars! Sunny and warm weather. Amazing to see almost 800 teenagers completely occupied in one game and all of them completely soaked.Chris Brittingham flying off the Blob! Wednesday afternoon was the designated time for the guys to go on a hike, either to 2nd or 4th Falls. 4th Falls is by far the more challenging of the two hikes. A little more than half of our guys went on the hike to 2nd Falls with Rich Brittingham going with our more “tough guys” to 4th Falls.

During the morning, both Junior High and Senior had a Christian Life Seminar on entertainment by Willie titled “Is Pleasure What You Treasure?” (By the way, ask your teen why Willie is so famous around here.)

Evangelist Brownfield preached a simple Gospel message from Philippians 3 on Paul’s Personal Testimony. His main points included:

  1. Paul’s Self-Righteousness Displayed (3.4-6)
  2. Paul’s Self-Righteousness Denounced (3.7-8)
  3. The Righteousness of Christ Deposited (3.9)

While it was primarily a gospel message for the unsaved, many of our teens went forward burdened to witness to lost family and friends. My heart has been so encouraged by the responsiveness of our teenagers.

This afternoon (Thursday) is our family reunion. Family reunion is one of the key times of the week where our youth group will get together and share testimonies of all that God is doing in their lives through the preaching of the Word and their personal God & I Time.IMG_0739Whitney SeidelKelli Hallman

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