The Wilds – Thursday

Family Reunion
Family Reunion 2009

Family Reunion - Jesse Woelkers

Family Reunion - Jon Hein

If teen camp is the Super Bowl of our youth group, then the Family Reunion, that takes place on Thursdays, is kicking the winning field goal. One of the major highlights of our year is the Family Reunion. Throughout the week our teens are split up into various cabins and the Family Reunion allows our entire youth group meets together and shares what God has been doing in their heart over the week. Some of the sweetest testimonies come during this time and it  is always so rewarding to hear what God is doing. This Sunday night we will have a service where some of our teens give testimony to this past week.

Evangelist Brownfield preached a very simple, but powerful message Thursday night on Biblical Forgiveness from Matthew 18. His points were straightforward:

  1. Vertical Forgiveness
  2. Horizontal Forgiveness

Many, many of our teenagers made decisions to biblically forgive those who had wronged them. Malachi 4:6 teaches that as a church we are to turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. This week God has turned many of our teens’ hearts back to their parents. I want to encourage you, as your youth pastor, that you, as parents, would turn your heart to your children through “spiritual-parenting conversation”.

Included below are some great pics through Thursday:

Camper Choir Singing "All I Ever Want to Be"

Camper Choir Singing "All I Ever Want to Be"

Big Ball Feetball under the Lights

Big Ball Feetball under the Lights

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