The Wilds – Friday

Fireside ServiceThe Fireside Service concluded with the following chorus:

“All I ever want to be is what You want of me. I give my life to you, and all my hopes and dreams and plans I place within your hands and give my life to you.”

What a tremendous week for our teenagers! Evangelist Keven Brownfield preached a powerful message on The High Cost of Genuine Christianity from Luke 14.25-35. The underlying burden of the message was that 2nd & 3rd generation Christians must live as 1st generation Christians!

  1. It will cost you every human relationship (v. 26)
  2. It will cost you your life (v. 27)
  3. It will cost you your time & things (vv. 28-35)

After the final message there is what is called the Fireside Service. Teenagers are encouraged to take a small stick and throw it in the fire. The small stick is representative of an individual’s life: small, crooked, dirty and insignificant. But when a small stick is placed in a fire it burns and gives off light and so we are useful as we give ourselves to God.

Thanks so much for praying for our youth group. Your prayers were definitely answered!

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