A Word On Michael Jackson

Michael_JacksonThere is only one word that I can think of to express the recent death of pop superstar Michael Jackson – sad.  So very, very sad.  There is a passage in Proverbs that is very fitting to apply to Michael Jackson’s life and death.  It is found in Proverbs 24:30-34 and describes Solomon’s entourage travelling by a very overgrown field that looked as if it had much potential for a fruitful crop at one time.  Solomon says that he stopped to look, “and considered it well: I looked upon it, and received instruction.”  For just a few sentences I would like to consider Michael Jackson’s life. 

How true it is that Michael Jackson’s life preaches something we hear taught from Bible-believing pulpits around the country- you can have it all and lose it all in a very short time.  Our lives are like a vapor that appears for a “little time” and then vanishes away.  Think about this – the guy has the biggest selling album of all time–of ALL TIME–and in the end that really doesn’t even matter.  He’s gone.  He had fifty years appointed to him in which time he became a pop legend to a generation.  That generation now by the thousands crowds around his star on the Hollywood walk of fame just thinking, crying, remembering, singing, and trying to make sense of a very unusual life.  The words of verse 34 of Proverbs 24 are so true. Due to his lack of understanding, in the end, his poverty came as “one that travelleth” and his lack of purpose in life “as an armed man.” What that means is that when a person’s life is not aligned with God’s purposes his heart will grasp for meaning so strongly that it will be like a criminal committing armed robbery to find the happiness that can only be found in Christ.

The second and final thing I want to mention about his life is that, to many people, he was a hero.  I know that may sound almost corruptive to your mind since I am doing a series on spiritual heroes with Jim Elliot being the first.  But Michael Jackson and people like him are the epitome of hero status in our culture.  For millions upon millions of people, overlooking serious weirdness and gross, sinful behavior is somehow compensated by rock star status and being able to dance your socks off.  How many times does the news report another celebrity being checked into a drug or alcohol treatment center with full media coverage?  How many of these people are front page stories at their third or sixth divorce?  How in the world do any of these people with seriously deviant lives have any following at all?  Its the very deepest of the  depraved side of our American culture.  These superstars are killing themselves and people can’t get enough of seeing them do it.  It is Genesis 6 before our eyes.  Sensuality and violence mingled together with humanity throwing their one and only God-given lives away grieves God “at his heart” (Gen. 6:6).  Our only hope is Noah’s hope to find “grace in the eyes of the Lord” (6:8).  Could I encourage you at the conclusion of this article to do two things: one – grow in grace.  Be “clothed with humility” and learn more deeply to get God’s grace.  And two–more practically–do not put you money or credit card down to support (in music or entertainment) people who are throwing their lives headlong to destruction.  While we laugh at their comedy or are amused on Entertainment Tonight by their lives, they will stand before the Judge of all the universe one day.  Those are some sobering things to think about at Solomon’s “stone wall.”

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  1. Great article on Michael, and to see his true photo before he reconstructed himself was startling. I will email this to my grandson. This is a good teaching lesson and one that should not be missed. Thanks.

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