Community Sunday!

Community OutreachI hope you’re getting excited about Community Sunday, August 2nd. We’re planning a lot of special things for the whole family that day–so pray we have good weather!

Because Community Sunday is something new and different, I wanted to make sure all of you know what is going on that day so that you can get excited and invite your neighbors. It’s kind of like a “Friend Day” in the summer (only better!!). We’ll end the Adult Bible Fellowship hour a few minutes early so that you can meet your friend or neighbor in the parking lot or the lobby. Our morning service will be at the normal time: 10:30 am. After church, we’ll go outside and enjoy the classic cars, games, and tasty food (including a roasted pig and some secret-recipe barbecue sauce).

At some point early in the afternoon, we’ll all gather together once again for a brief wrap-up service (This will take the place of the evening service). And it all takes place here on the church property.

So please, pray fervently for the details of this event to point the members of our community to the clear and powerful message of the Gospel of Christ. Several families have already committed to invite friends and coworkers.

If you will commit to inviting someone to Community Sunday and would like the church to pray together with you in this effort, just post a comment on this article. We all need to work together to make Community Sunday a great success!

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  1. Please pray for Molly and Bobby. Molly attended the Christmas Eve service with her children. I am hoping she will want to come to community Sunday and that her husband will come too.

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