Raking or Digging?

shovel1Raking or Digging? In yesterday’s message here Pastor Campbell challenged us to seriously dig into the Word of God. One suggestion was to begin reading our Bible through in one year’s time. The name of the plan was the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan which can be found here. Happy Digging!

Preparing for a New Member – part 2

babyAs my wife and I prepared for our new addition to our family we would have loved to build a new room perfect for our newborn, but that would have been impossible. Instead we chose to prepare and do the very best with the baby room that we could possibly do. The room may not have had the newest drywall, but we did make sure it got a fresh coat of paint. The crib isn’t brand new, but I repaired it to make sure that it operated correctly. We got new sheets and curtains to freshen up the room.

When I began this series I likened the welcoming of a newborn child into a family, similar to the welcoming of a guest to our church. There are three phases of welcoming a guest into our church: preparation, process and… Continue reading

“Be Not Many Masters”

ad_2009_cm_cmes_small_blogOur children’s ministry needs help. Maybe you’ve noticed. Perhaps at one time or another the nursery worker forgot to change your child’s diaper. Maybe your toddler’s toy was stolen and the teacher didn’t address the situation properly. Or maybe you wish we made Sunday School more interesting for your energetic pre-teen.

If only we could do a better job of feedings babies, changing diapers, wiping noses–wiping tears–and watching kids, the rest of the church could get on a lot better with the real worship and work of the ministry. Right? Continue reading

Preparing for a New Member – part 1

babyFor the past nine months now our family has eagerly anticipated welcoming the newest Mosier into our family. We are intense about making sure that the environment that we’re bringing this new one into is ideal. We’ve prepared by painting walls, installing new blinds and curtains, piecing a crib together, organizing clothes and have even come to agreement on his name. We’ve decided that dirty diapers, late night/early morning cry sessions, burping and care 24/7 is worth being a part of the little one’s life. We  have thought through the minutest of details to make sure that the baby room is arranged in a way that is best for raising this baby. We’re convinced that the preparation and the process of delivering is worth the final product of a newborn. As I’ve thought through this process my mind has often been drawn to the analogy of inviting family, friends, co-workers into our church for the purpose of them becoming part of our church family. Continue reading

Couples Retreat 2009

pastor-rick-crossOur 2009 Couples Retreat is September 18-19 with Pastor Rick Cross from Faith Baptist Church of Longmont, CO. Click here to register. Our Couples Retreat will be held once again at Camp Calvary. Make your plans to attend one of the highlights of the year for our church!