Preparing for a New Member – part 1

babyFor the past nine months now our family has eagerly anticipated welcoming the newest Mosier into our family. We are intense about making sure that the environment that we’re bringing this new one into is ideal. We’ve prepared by painting walls, installing new blinds and curtains, piecing a crib together, organizing clothes and have even come to agreement on his name. We’ve decided that dirty diapers, late night/early morning cry sessions, burping and care 24/7 is worth being a part of the little one’s life. We  have thought through the minutest of details to make sure that the baby room is arranged in a way that is best for raising this baby. We’re convinced that the preparation and the process of delivering is worth the final product of a newborn. As I’ve thought through this process my mind has often been drawn to the analogy of inviting family, friends, co-workers into our church for the purpose of them becoming part of our church family.

I want to concentrate specifically on the atmosphere to which we bring unsaved people into — the church. It’s important that the environment to which we bring people into is warm and welcoming.

I liken the process to the time our guest is within the four walls of our church building. What can be done to make the process for new birth and growth as simple as possible? Birth is birth, and the pain associated with new birth cannot be done away, but there are means by which we can be a help to people as God works in their heart.

The last stage or step is the product. We’re always excited and grateful for the new birth, but what’s next the next step?

This is the first of four short articles concentrating on what we as a church can do to create a welcoming environment for a potential new member to our church family.

2 Responses

  1. This has nothing to do with church membership…..

    We just had one ourselves this past week, and although we did not alliterate our procedure, we both are strong believers in proper prior planning preventing poor performance. Now with three of the ages four and under in the same room, we look forward to enjoying praying and singing songs to all three of them while they wait for us to turn out the lights that last time before sleep.

    Children certainly are a blessing from the Lord!

  2. […] on September 9, 2009 by Joel Mosier This is the fourth and final part of the series – Preparing for a New Member. We’ve compared the welcoming of a new child into a family similar to the welcoming of a […]

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