Tools for Personal Devotions: The Bible

bible“So, how’s the devos goin’?”

That’s a question my college buddies and I used to ask each other at our more spiritual moments. We had decided at different points to keep each other accountable in the area of personal devotions, a matter that gets pushed aside amid the seemingly overwhelming pressures of college life.

The fact is that none of us was particularly adept at spending time with God. Not that I’m an expert now. Life is busy. Things–important things–get in the way of our crucial quiet times. . . Hello? . . . I’m not the only one, am I?

In a world that’s as fast-paced and loud as the one in which we live, we need all the help we can get to stay fresh and faithful in our times with the Lord. That’s why I decided to do a series of posts on some all-important tools for personal worship/devotions/quiet time/whatever people are calling it these days.

So you’ve got a quiet place, a warm cup of coffee, just the right amount of lighting, and a few brief moments before you start your day. You’re all set, right? . . . Oh yeah, you need your Bible!

Pointing out the fact that we need to read our Bibles every day wouldn’t have been as necessary before so many helpful books and devotionals became available for purchase, online, or through the mail. Nowadays, you have myriads of choices for spiritually enriching material, but none so essential as the Bible itself. We were encouraged on a Sunday night recently to read through the Bible every year. So let’s do it!

What should we look for in a Bible? After all, there are millions of different kinds of Bibles. Here are some quick tips on finding a great Bible for personal devotions:

  • Buy a Bible that is easy to read. If you have to squint to read it, get one with larger print.
  • You may find it helpful to purchase a Bible with wide margins for writing notes.
  • A study Bible (one with comments on different passages) may be helpful, but make sure you choose a good one, such as the Life Application Study Bible.
  • Use a Bible in a good translation. There are dozens of different Bible translations, but all are not equal. We use the King James Version in our church, but other versions, such as the New King James, the New American Standard, or the English Standard Version provide updated language and are faithful to the text.
  • Keep it in a spot where you can find it. I sometimes have a hard time finding my keys. Don’t let that be true about your Bible!

If you want to be close to God, nothing can replace reading your Bible. I hope your “devos” are going well!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reminders, Jake. You are a blessing to me.

  2. Glad you mentioned the Life Aplication Bible. Joe gave me one for Christmas 2000. Nothing has helped me more to keep a regular daily Bible reading time. The notes are so helpful in understanding and applying the scripture. The datelines and bios help to put it all together.

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