Book Review: Fool Moon Rising

screensaver_5Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty. Fool Moon Rising. Wheaton, Il: Crossway, 2009. 32 pages.

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find books kids love. It’s just hard to find books kids ought to love. With Fool Moon Rising, you’ll get both. Your children (toddlers and up) will be glued to the bold pictures and drawn in by the rhythmic rhymes on each page.

They’ll also be challenged to humbly recognize God’s greatness and His great plan for them as reflectors of His brilliant glory. We all need this message. In fact, I tried to get Pastor Campbell to let me read the book to the congregation next Sunday morning, but we couldn’t find enough carpet squares for everyone.

That was a joke.

In all seriousness, Fool Moon Rising makes a great devotional tool that kids will want to pick up again and again. It also makes a great gift. You can pick it up wherever books are sold–especially at the Bethel Baptist Church Bookstore.

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