Advancing World-Missions with Your Children

missions children

“Give of your sons to bear the message glorious, give of your wealth to speed them on the way.” I hardly can sing those lines without being choked up with the thought, “That maybe, just maybe, God would use our children to give the glorious message of Jesus Christ to our world.” What a privilege that within our home, God would allow us to rear children that He could use on this globe. While our family has many years to go before our children “come of age” I thought I’d share just a few ideas on how we try to emphasize world missions on a daily basis with our kids.

1. Talk about missionaries & missions.
We have a stack of missionary cards that our children look through and hold onto, almost like baseball cards. I’d love to tell you we pray through them every night, but we don’t. But having those cards accessible and available keeps missions in front of our kids. Do you ever talk about the missionary presentations at the dinner table or on the way home with your children? Simple comments and positive observations will speak volumes to our children. One simple suggestion is to sign up to house missionaries or to have them over to your house for a meal. Your kids will enjoy the excitement of a real live missionary in your home and the church secretaries will appreciate your willingness to be hospitable!

2. Read missionary biographies for family devotions.
One of the most exciting events in our home is when we work through missions stories for our family devotions. There are missionary biographies that are perfect for young children. The Bethel Baptist Bookstore can help with selecting just the right one.

3. Write notes to missionaries.
Every Wednesday night in our prayer bulletin we highlight our missionary of the week and then on the following Sunday night that missionary family is prayed for in our missions moment. Take the time for your children to draw a picture and write a short note to one of our missionary families. (You can get those addresses from the church office.) It will be an encouragement to the missionary family and will keep world missions in front of your children.

4. Pray for missionaries.
Take time to regularly pray for missionaries and allow the needs of our globe to soften your own heart. Allow the emotion of the burden to be apparent in your own prayers. Hudson Taylor admitted that one of the main reasons why he had a burden to go to China were the fervent prayers of his dad for the “lost heathen of China.”

5. Promote missions via pictures and maps.
As you watch the news and see world events highlighted in the evening, train yourself to see THE STORY behind the story. THE STORY is that someone needs to take the Gospel to that area of the world and God may allow you to rear another Hudson Taylor, Bruce & Natalie Tuttle or Tim Richmond.

My boys have an Eagles’ and Phillies poster in their room because they love those two teams, but right next to those I’m going to place a simple computer printed map. I’m looking for a simple “10/40 window” map to put on the wall near my boys bunkbeds. Why? We want to remind them of the needs around the world.

We have a long ways to go, but these are just a few simple suggestions and ideas on how to take last week’s missions conference and further God’s work in your family’s life.

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