Armed Forces Reflections

ad_2009_armed_forces_small_blogAll I can say about last Sunday’s Armed Forces Appreciation Sunday is WOW!  It was more than I can find words to express.  Instead of rambling, maybe I will just list some “WOW’s” that stand out to me:

1.  The video of Ronald Reagan’s Veteran’s Day speech…WOW!  I was caught off guard by that.  I had not seen it though I knew we were doing a video.  The line that has gone through my brain dozens of time since then is when he said that a soldier that dies gives two lives, “the one he was living, and the one he would have lived.”  Those are stunning words of sacrifice.  Dr. Brooks leaned over to me after the video and said, “How can I beat that?”

2.  The looks on people’s faces during different events of the service…WOW.  I have never served in the military so the depth and content of my thoughts during a service like we had are much different.  I saw deep concentration on faces and people whose memories were going way back.  I saw faces with obvious pride in serving, and tears of memories and emotions so deep they could not be explained in words.

3.  All the music…WOW!  The Armed Forces Medley of songs is always a WOW!  To see men and woman stand enthusiastically when their song is sung is awesome.  Finishing with singing the National Anthem is the epitome of patriotic spirit.  The song before the message was stirring and emotional, “A Patriot’s Honor.”  Inspiring is a word not enough to describe it all.

4.  Dr. Ron Brooks, his preaching, his presence, his service for our country, his genuineness…its all a WOW!  Seeing a Vietnam Veteran in uniform preaching about “Heroes” and Christ’s sacrifice for us is a privilege most countries of the world cannot experience like we Americans can.  I am thankful that Dr. Brooks came to our church and for his friendship.

5.  Talking to Veteran’s after the service…WOW!  I talked with some WWII veterans in their mid and upper 80’s.  As a preacher I am able to open God’s Word freely every Sunday and throughout the week without fear.  It is sobering to think that God used these veterans to help keep our country free so God’s Word can can be unhindered.

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