Fightings Within

kids_fightingAm I the only one who lives in a household where there is arguing and bickering?  Or am I supposed to keep that a secret?  Last week we had everyone write down “a few of their favorite things.”  Favorite things included praise, a clean house, a waveboard, orderliness, etc.  I wanted us to be able to identify our desires.  Why?

Because James writes in chapter 4 that “wars and fightings” among us come from “lusts that war in [our] members.”  Lusts are simply desires and they are not necessarily bad.  But when there is conflict, that is a pretty good sign that someone’s desire just got a promotion to idol status.  We don’t typically like people touching our idols.

We must identify our “favorite things,” because these are the things that will often become our idols, stamping  out the love for and the love of God in our lives.  When this happens, conflict will happen.  True worship involves placing our love for God and others before our desires, however wholesome those desires may seem.  The only other choice is to place our desires first, which is really a form of idolatry.

Let us confess our sins of idolatry and rejoice that there is hope for a family of idolaters in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The just curse for our idolatry was placed by God on Jesus Christ.  We need to see the wretchedness of this sin, if we are ever to hate it enough to forsake it.  We need to gave upon the love of Christ that moved Him to take our punishment, if we are ever to love others as He has loved us.

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