Someone I Will Never Forget

Outside of your family, who is someone that made a lasting positive impression on your life?  Who is someone you will never forget? Someone for whom you cannot find adequate words of thanks for the investment made into your life.  For me it is my youth pastor.  We simply called him “Bob” and he drove a red Mazda RX-7.  Maybe we should have called him “Pastor Bob” but “Bob” was what everyone said.

One time at a home Bible study a few of us snuck outside and lifted his car off the ground and positioned it sideways in the driveway.  Strange the memories that come back!  The best memories are how he impacted my life in a dramatic fashion.  It wasn’t one thing but just lots of little touches on my life.  All the preaching formed in me a heart that wanted to love God.  All the activities, jogging with him at McKinley park, breakfast at Burger King before he dropped me off at Jackson High School a few times.  I saw him, I wanted to be used of God, I wanted to invest my life in another generation.

Youth pastors are special.  My assignment here is to introduce you to someone that I believe will become special to us.  In a few short weeks Pastor Vic and Hannah Irving will arrive in PA with their three boys and Pastor Vic will become our next Student Ministries pastor.  We are calling him a Student Ministries pastor because he pastors a broader scope of young people.  All Bethel teens will come to love them I believe.  So will the teens who attend Upper Bucks whether from our church or another ministry.  While teens are under our roof we want to be an encouragement and challenge to them. His heart for young people is evident and also his desire to connect with their families and encourage parents.  I am so thankful to God for His guidance in leading us to the Irving’s.  Join me in praying for them in their transition to Bethel.

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