Meet Our New Youth Pastor – part 2

Describe your devotions. (What time do you wake up in the morning? How much time do you spend reading, meditating, praying, etc.?)
With young children at home, my most quality study time with the Lord is spent in the first two hours of the day in my office. I am presently memorizing and meditating on the topic of Anger.  I am utilizing Rand Hummels booklet Turn Away Wrath.  I have made verse cards and try to review every day. I have a list of my teenagers and their parents that I am continually praying through. 

In addition, I started journaling a few years ago.  Journaling has been the most helpful thing that I have added to my time with the Lord.  Following David’s pattern of journaling prayers to God has been a wonderful help to me in my time with the Lord.  Typically holidays give me opportunity to reflect back and read my journal.  It is always overwhelming when I “forget not his benefits.” 

One other thing that I enjoy doing is singing to the Lord.  I’m certainly not a great musician of any sort, singing or otherwise, but I have learned to play guitar a little.  I enjoy singing to the Lord late at night when everyone else is in bed.  Everyone else appreciates that I wait until then too! 

Do you have a spiritual mentor?
Yes, My father is my spiritual mentor.  Pastor Paul Brown, at Bay City Baptist, in Green Bay would be my ministry mentor.  Evangelist Morris Gleiser is a man I greatly admire. 

Who are your spiritual heroes? Why?

My Dad is my greatest hero because he was and is genuine.  He did not put on perfection.  He was the same man within the walls of our house that he was without.  I adopted my father’s faith not because of the many somber lessons that he taught me as I met the greatest challenges in life (though there were many of those), but because every morning I found him on his knees before God pleading for wisdom and strength to defeat his flesh and please his God.  That was the Christian life I could relate with.  The kind that said, “I can’t do this.  The only way I’m going to look anything like God is if God makes me that way.”  In my mind there will never be a hero that will ever measure my father’s spiritual strength because he has consistently remembered his spiritual weakness (blessed are the poor in spirit). 

Pastor Paul Brown is a ministry mentor because he is a man who has retained his integrity.  He steadily, faithfully serves his God without making ministry about himself.  He focuses on obeying the Word of God with all of his heart and lets the Lord take care of the spiritual results.
Evangelist Morris Gleiser is a hero, but I’ll save this one for part 3 and my call to the youth ministry.

Who are your favorite preachers?
Evangelists Morris Gleiser, Rich Tozer, Bryan Samms and Pastor Richard King

What book(s) are you currently reading? (in these three categories: (a) for your soul, (b) for pastoral ministry, or (c) for personal enjoyment?)
I classify these a little differently.  Hannah often teases me about reading so many books at one time.  But if I read just one book, all of my preaching tends to go toward that one topic, so I try to be reading several different books at the same time.  I have a different book for every day of the week and the goal is to read one chapter.  Here is a list of books I am either presently reading or have read this year:  (this is certainly not an endorsement of each of these books)

For ministry,  I am reading books on the following topics: Church Ministry , Sunday School; HEROES: The Biography of Faith, John G. Butler. GIDEON: The Mighty Man of Valor by John G. Butler. A discipleship book that I’m reading now is  Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, by Paul David Tripp. Some smaller books (these are for my heavy study days)  101 Tips for Teaching by Mark Rasmussen, When Trouble Comes by Jim Berg.  Other books include:  Worldliness, Humility and The Gospel and Sanctification. A book on preaching that I’m reading is titled, Preaching with Freshness by Bruce Mawhinney.  My personal reading include:  When Sinners Say, “I Do” by Dave Harvey, Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges,  Essential Virtues by Jim Berg, When a Godly Man Falls by Erwin Lutzer, Withhold Not Correction by Bruce A. Ray,  Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper and Maxims of George Washington (this was a result of my first trip to D.C.)

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