“I just gave up”

How many people have said those words about trying to read through the entire Bible?  As we close in on the end of 2009 I want to encourage and challenge you to make a commitment to read through the entire Bible.  Most people are not against it; they love Bible preaching and they love their Bibles.  People struggle with a plan and the adherence to the plan.  The goal of this post is to put the idea in your mind and then give you some inspiration.  Here then is the inspiration.  It is an e-mail I received and ask permission to put in here for you:

Dear Pastor Campbell,
You wanted to know and I’m telling you that I DID IT! I read through the Bible! I’ve started it many a January, but fell farther and farther behind as life happened, until I just gave up. Well, it took me 2 years but I persevered and finished my last book, Ezekiel, this morning. (Not the easiest book to wade through.) Yea! Next time I’ll shoot for a year.
Have a wonderful, sunny day,
“Someone who took the challenge!”
So there you have it. What’s holding you up from trying?

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