How to Read Through the Entire Bible

The Bible is God’s Word to people.  We know that and do not debate that.  So what is so hard about reading the whole Bible?  Well, if you have ever tried and given up then you know it is not like reading any other book.  Let me give you some helpful suggestions to put you on track to keep your commitment to read the Bible:

1.  Go back and read the post  titled “I just gave up.”  You need a success story right away.  Envision yourself writing your own success story someday.  Cut out the story in that article and hang it somewhere so when you are reading through a more challenging place in the Bible you will remember not to give up.

2.  Click on this link and listen to the message I preached called “Raking or Digging?”  I believe it will challenge you as it has me.

3.  If you are having trouble being consistent with your Bible reading commitment, remove the “In a Year” part of “Through the Bible In a Year.”  The “In a Year” can become like a huge obstacle around the time you get behind in your reading.  The important thing is to read “Through the Bible.”  NOTE: for a younger person, change the wording to “Through the New Testament” or “Through the Psalms and Proverbs.”  The point is to go “Through Something.”

4.  See below to find a plan that fits you.  My favorite is the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan.

5.  Caution – reading the Bible requires the cultivation of a different type of reading.  Most of us read casually.  I do read the Bible casually especially when there is a story like Noah or Daniel.  But Bible reading requires us to nurture a deeper level of reading.  It means there are times you have to just stop and ask God how to apply something to your life.  It means thinking about the context of what you are reading.  This is why having a study Bible in your collection is necessary.  More about that at another time.  The point – just because it can become challenging don’t stop, you are growing in how you read the Bible.

6.  Remember the Bible is now on different audio formats.  I do not think we should substitute the written page exclusively for the spoken word.  I will say more about that at another time too.  However we are in a very mobile society and a very electronic one at that.  We don’t have any more or less minutes in our day than Jesus had in His day.  Listening to an audio Bible in the car for 30 minutes a day over several months is allowing the Word to wash over your mind and heart while seizing the minutes.

7.  Start the plan! Yep, just start.  Don’t wait until Jan. 1.  You will be tired of eating by then and football will be on.  Get the momentum going now while your heart is nudging you!

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  1. My wife and I are going thru the Bible this year with the Discipleship Journal reading method. My first time doing the Bible in a year was in 6th grade when I was challenged by my Awana leader/Sunday school teacher. I try to read through every five years. (Years ending in 0 and 5 ), This is my first time using this method with four passages. I’ve done the O.T. and N.T. on the same day a few times but we are anxious to use this way! Thanks for sharing this method.

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