Consider a Bible for Your Devotions – Part 2

I hope that you are having a good start to the New Year and also a few days successfully into your Bible reading.  Remember that your goal is to read through the Bible at a pace that is comfortable for you.  Don’t be afraid to push yourself though and, above all, do not quit if you get behind!

The purpose of this post is to continue an encouraging word to you about having a Bible that you use for your devotions.  Again, the reason I say this is so that you can be active and attack your Bible reading for the day with a highlighter and/or pen.  Reading the Bible passively allows your mind to drift into the distance.

I am just going to give a few brief comments about the Bible I have been using now for about two years – The ESV Journaling BibleESV stands for the English Standard Version.  The purpose of this post is not to delve into versions/textual issues.  As some may know, the New American Standard Version, though a very accurate translation, can be a little difficult on the reader.  The ESV has precision accuracy plus a readability that is comfortable.

The reason I purchased this Bible was the journaling feature.  The Bible is a comfortable size with a very nice canvas-feeling type hard cover.  Mine is olive color with a tannish color accenting the cover.  There is a nice band that you can use to hold the Bible together much like you may find on a diary type of book.  The Bible reads from Genesis to Revelation with all chapter breaks as normal.

On the sides, however is about two inches of space with lines so you can journal.  Journaling is an invaluable tool to use when having your devotions.  I determined a couple of years ago that I would not attempt to write something every day.  I will journal when my heart is touched by some truth or the Spirit nudges me.  I am not a professional at journaling but I can say that recording spiritual thoughts in this way has helped my walk with the Lord immensely!

Often I will record in the margins what I want to say in the form of a prayer.  I put the date first and then begin with, “Dear Father,” and then write out something from the passage I am reading.  I like that I have that prayer recorded right on the same page as the passage I have read for that day.

The down side of this Bible is that the text is a much smaller print than what is comfortable for my eyes.  The other thing is that the binding seems to be weak on the hinges so you have to be careful with how you carry it.

None of those things though have deterred me from using this edition of God’s Word.  By the way, you don’t need to purchase a journaling Bible to begin journaling.  I just read in my devotions yesterday that “Noah walked with God” (Gen. 6:9). Just purchase a little notebook and start making a record of your walk with God.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Pastor,I decided this year to do something different,I am doing DJ Bible reading plan.I like the fact I start my day in NT. at 4am sometimes it is hard to grasp OT. I have been working w. this paper for the past few years called the bible reading highlights record.The Pastor that married Paul & I gave it to us. one sheet is for the week. Asks verses read,best thing I marked today,my thoughts,how it impressed me.I keep in binder and can scan back through the years. It’s been a great tool for me.

    • Mary Ann, Thanks for letting me know about your plans with Bible reading! I would like to see a copy of the plan you mentioned you have been using. Sounds really useful.

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