A Resolved Kind of Life

Somewhere buried in a picture album in our things is a photo of the front step of a beautiful and very old church.  The semi-circular step is the only remaining piece of the original church building that towers over the town of Northampton, Massachusetts.

There is a little plaque on the step that indicates this fact along with a much more significant statement that this is the church where Jonathan Edwards was pastor.  Edwards was pastor at this location during the 18th century and his testimony as a great theologian and revivalist of his era still stands today. (Also in the town of Northampton is the burial place of missionary David Brainerd.  I have a photo of his tombstone in my Bible which I will talk about more in another post.)

What I did want to do is to give the link for Jonathan Edwards’ 70 Resolves.  I mentioned them recently in a Sunday morning message and would recommend them for your reading.  He read them once a week for most of his life.  Read slowly and think about them.  His thoughts were not quick-fix type of commitments to help him to be happy and help others.  They are deep, life altering resolves we would do well to emulate in our own words.

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