3 Generations: 1 Character Flaw

As many of you, I too have made the commitment to read my Bible through this year. The Lord showed me something that I’ve not noticed in the past or at least with the same depth as this past Monday.

Genesis 27 reveals to us one of the low moments of Isaac and his family when his son Jacob deceives his father, Isaac. Jacob not only has the birthright from Esau, but he deceives his father of the family blessing that was reserved for the oldest son, Esau. Where did Jacob learn this deception?

In Genesis 20 Abraham deceived King Abimilech. Abraham told Abimilech that Sarah was his sister, not his wife. Isaac grew up in this home of half-truths and deception. Isaac had his chance for honesty in Genesis 26, but he too fails in telling the truth about his wife Rebekah. It’s not really surprising that Jacob deceived his father, Isaac, for Jacob had grown up in a home where truthfulness was not modeled either.

Again, it should be no surprise that Jacob’s boys would deceive their father on the whereabouts of their brother – Joseph. Why? This major character flaw had been modeled for three generations and had passed from one generation to the next.

These stories make me think about my character deficiencies and purposing by the grace of God NOT to pass them on to my children as well as devising a plan by which to grow in my areas. Thankfully Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all make it into the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11, but only after a lifetime of God growing them as his children. Yes, these men were the famous patriarchs, but what an encouragement to God’s people today that God will take those with character flaws and even sinful habits and use them for His honor.

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