“Freely Eat”

“It’s a free country!”

In our sarcastic society, we’re used to hearing that phrase when someone wants to excuse their obnoxious or inappropriate behavior.

“Don’t run in the kitchen!” But it’s a free country.

“Don’t spit your gum out on the sidewalk!” Free country.

Of course, we all know that real freedom exists within sensible boundaries. Imagine a country in which people were “free” to loot and murder–not the kind of freedom I want.

That was the kind of freedom Adam and Eve had when God told them, “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat.” There were thousands of trees and hundreds of varieties that they could choose. They only had to avoid one tree.

I am struck by the thought that if Adam and Eve had been filling up on the delectable blessings God freely lavished on them, they wouldn’t have been overcome by a craving for the forbidden fruit.

Are you tempted to seek ful-fill-ment in something you ought to avoid? Why not fill your heart by feasting on God’s blessing? Drink deeply from encouraging Christian fellowship. Devour God’s Word. Get fat on the truths of the gospel (how’s that for a New Year’s Resolution?).

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