My Favorite CD

There is no doubt about it: we have access to more good music today than at any other time in history.  Download it or buy it the old fashioned way, music is available.  We even have websites like that are helpful in pulling together good music selections.

I thought this would be another good time for me to encourage you to purchase my favorite CD in our bookstore, Christ Only, Always by the Galkin Evangelistic Team. Songs like “Come Let Us Return,” “Complete In Thee,” and probably my favorite, “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus,” just never seem to get old to me.  There are a few good reasons I think you should have this music:

  1. It is great music (how’s that for a first point?). Really, because Philippians 1:10 challenges us to “approve things that are excellent.” It will help you grow.
  2. Will and Christy Galkin will be with us in April with their team. Yay! Can’t wait! I GUARANTEE your family will be engaged in this revival meeting when they hear a song that they have already heard on a recording.  Watch your kids faces when the light goes on! Our hearts will be prepared for preaching.
  3. Our church is going to be learning a new song this Sunday that is on this recording.  “Well, what is it?”  We’ll talk about that another time!

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