Our work crew swelled with pride as our gaze panned across the hot dusty construction yard.  Our brows were coated with a coagulation of sweat and concrete dust giving us a kind of plastered countenance; the obvious evidence of our determined labors.  Standing high in several rows were the many pallets of concrete block that we had mixed, produced, stacked and banded.

The boss was pulling in, the clock was nearing five and it seemed to be a perfect day at the block plant.  Then, all at once, our pride was sent careening like a punctured balloon, swiftly deflating until drained.   With blazing eyes my boss bellowed those piercing words, “I didn’t say, make light weight block!  I said, make heavy block!”

In that moment we realized that, though laboring to the point of exhaustion, we had not only produced something worthless but we had also wasted the resources given us to accomplish the intended task.

I can’t think of a more exhausting endeavor than parenting.  “Worthless” and “wasted” are two words that I would never want to characterize my tireless efforts.  Let us not make the mistake of thinking that hard work and self-sacrifice are the only important things about parenting.

I heard these words in the eulogy of a man I greatly respected.  “Dennis Pegram wasn’t afraid of failing, he was afraid of succeeding at something that didn’t matter.”  The next few blogs will be designed to help us succeed at what truly matters in the heart of our children.

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  1. […] WORTHLESS WORK, POINTLESS PARENTING – Article 2 Posted on February 5, 2010 by Victor Irving “He wasn’t afraid of failing, he was afraid of succeeding at something that didn’t matter.” The words of the eulogy have captivated my thinking in so many areas of life but none so much as in the area of parenting.  (See WORTHLESS WORK, POINTLESS PARENTING Article 1) […]

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