A Pure Heart is a Praising Heart

Do you ever feel like your “praiser” is broken? When Pastor challenged us to have a praise emphasis week did you find yourself terribly deficient in this area of your walk with God?  Did you find that your mind more often ran to the earthly difficulties than the heavenly delights you were experiencing?  Did you find yourself wishing you were more like that friend who always seems to have a word of praise to God?

Psalm 119:9-16 teaches us that a praising heart is the byproduct of a pure heart.  This young man needs cleansing and he finds it through heeding, searching and storing up the Word of God in his heart.  Once he has repented and been cleansed of the sin revealed by his time with the Lord he bursts forth into praise for his God.   There is no more natural response for a heart that has again found grace in its time of need.

A pure heart is a praising heart.  What about you?  Is there something in your life that needs cleansing?  Has it been a long time since you found yourself beneath the cleansing flow of the gospel?

I couldn’t help but think about the words to our theme song this week:  “abhorring all my sin, adoring only Him.”  It is not until we see the awfulness of our sin in the light of His Word that we see the greatness of his love toward us.

So, is your “praiser” broken? More likely it is similar to the corroded pegs on a good car battery.  Cleaning it up will make all the difference!

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