My Jesus Fair

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the introduction of My Jesus Fair to our congregation this past Sunday.  Our quartet did a great job introducing the song and the congregational singing on the final stanza was tremendous!  I mean, we could have kept going and sung the whole song over a few more times.  I love that kind of service where there is an obvious response to the preaching of the Word that is expressed in song.

As we talked about last Sunday night with our Praise Emphasis Week, we have printed the words to My Jesus Fair on the back of your “table topper.”  I want to challenge you as a family to sing a stanza and the chorus together.  I really want you to try it.  This song is on Christ Only, Always that was commented on in another post as we have included a link here to the singing of the song with congregation.

If you can’t remember the tune, click on the link and sing with the music. Reading through those stanzas as a family will be very profitable and I think there are many points on which to stop and have some conversation.

One Response

  1. Thank you for this song. We have learned it now as a family and really appreciate the songs focus.

    Keep songs like this coming!

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