Families Under Construction

For the past few months several families have met together on Wednesday nights to work on their homes.  Quite honestly being part of this class is one of my favorite things to do.  It is intensive amounts of information. Like drinking from a fire hydrant.  Time spent with other people interested in making a difference in the homes is not to be traded for anything. What we learn can immediately be put into practice when we pick the kids up and load them in the vans. We have covered topics like teaching moral principles in parenting, encouragement in child training, getting to the heart versus controlling behavior, and we are now in several weeks of practical, helpful biblical discipline.  My personal lesson favorite is called “The Father’s Mandate.” Man, was that ever practical and convicting! I think we can all say that we have been very impacted.  These people in the class are the best.  I mean we have grown to really enjoy being together and learning.  That by the way is what biblical fellowship is all about.  Growing closer to God and to one another around the Word of God. The long-term effect of a class like this is very exciting to me. Sowing seeds that will grow and produce fruit over time. We recently had a Saturday night get together and had a super time laughing and eating. Yes the girls did win the game.  The guys won in eating but I am not sure that is good.  Kids all did well with no squabbles so maybe the parenting class is taking hold a little. Just a word to my class…thanks for being such willing listeners, and for fun laughter, and for friendship!

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  1. We had a great time. Thank you pastor for investing your time in our class. Look at my Emmi ❤

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