Catch the Fire – Winter Retreat

Some of the largest, most powerful fires are started by just a single small flame.   I trust you’ll be encouraged by the flames that were ignited (small spiritual steps) as a result of this weekend retreat.  I would like to personally give a special thank you to the many who “bought the matches!” 

Preparing Your Family for Sunday

Sundays in the Mosier home can be:

a) crazy

b) hectic

c) chaotic

d) all of the above

With four children in our home, ages 8, 6, 4 and 6 months; Sundays can be a bit hurried. Eat your food. Faster, please. Quick, brush your teeth. Please don’t pull your sister’s hair. Don’t forget dark socks. Switch your shoes…they’re on the wrong feet. On and on the instructions (& frustration) can go, but you get the point. In short, to have a good Sunday you prepare on Saturday. Here are ten suggestions that hopefully will be a help to you and your family. Continue reading

The Power of Music

I recently viewed a 60 minutes piece on El Sistema, the fascinating music program in Venezuela that has literally transformed lives in this impoverished country.  You really need to watch this. While I must provide the disclaimer that music cannot transform an eternal soul, the obvious power of music’s influence for good or for evil is clearly evidenced in this social experiment.  The Venezuelan government dumps millions of dollars each year to give free lessons to the children of this impoverished country.

Continue reading


Our first day full day in Israel began with a short visit to the current town of Jaffa which is where Peter stayed with Simon the tanner. I have a picture of a street near the Simon’s house.  We then journeyed on to the town of Ceasarea which is FULL of things to see.  Herod the Great built this town as a seaport to win the attention of Ceasar which is why it has its name.  In its day it was a beautiful seaport with a temple for worship of gods, the Hippodrome which was the site of many athletic games, and a huge amphitheater.  In the picture of Rochelle and me, the Hippodrome is off to our left.  This town is where Paul gave his defense before Agrippa and Festus (Acts 25, 26) and is where Herod Agrippa I was immediately killed because he received the worship of a god (Acts 12). There is a picture of the amphitheater. This is also the place Peter came to give the gospel to Cornelius and the whole house was saved (Acts 10).

Free Stuff Friday Winner

Valentine’s present for your wife: $78

Kid’s college tuition: $10,000

Winning a free copy of John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life: priceless.

There are some things in life money can’t buy. The glory of winning Free Stuff Friday loot happens to be one of them.

Congratulations to Bobbi Jo Dawson, who’s just about the luckiest person alive. If you believe in luck…

Make sure you see me on Sunday to get your prize.

The Campbells’ trip to Israel

I am not sure I can accurately describe how we (Rochelle and I) feel about visiting Israel.  One the one hand we can’t wait to do something extraordinary.  Two words – excited and ecstatic! On the other hand it almost does not seem real.  We visit these places of the Bible on a weekly basis through preaching services and in our singing about spiritual things.  Much of what we read in Holy Scripture occurred within the areas we will be walking around in with our tennis shoes (“sneakers” for PA residents).

I thought it would be helpful for you to have an itinerary of where we will be on certain days.  We will be with 40 other pastors and their wives over the next ten days.  Dr. John Vaughn and Dr. Craig Hartman are leading the trip which has been extended to us as a study trip for those in pastoral ministry.  Thank you for praying for us and we will see you when we return.

Thursday – We depart from Newark airport late in the evening and fly through the night.

Friday – Arrive in Tel Aviv and get to where we need to be.

Saturday – Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, Megiddo, Nazareth, Arbel Cliffs

Sunday – Capernaum, Mt. of Beatitudes, Peter’s Primacy, Tel Dan, Caesarea Philippi, and a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee

Monday – Beit Shean, Wadi Qelt, Abraham’s tent, Shrine of the Book, Second Temple Model, Jerusalem Promenade

Tuesday – Dead Sea, Masada, Ein Gedi, Qumran, Shepherds’ Fields

Wednesday – Temple Mount, Pool of Bethesda, Southern Steps, Yad Hashmona

Thursday – Western Wall, Antonia Fortress, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Temple Institute, Western Wall Tunnel

Friday – Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Caiaphas’ House, David’s Tomb, Upper Room, Garden Tomb

Saturday – Leave for home with great lifelong memories!

Sunday – Be at Bethel Baptist Church to begin preaching from the Gospel of John!

Why Should You Love Your Church?

Well, I Love My Church Sunday has come and gone. Pastor preached a great message which can be found here. I would like to give some additional thoughts, hopefully helpful and thought-provoking, as to why YOU and I should LOVE our church!

God sent only one Son for only one institution. One birth. One Son. One death. One resurrection. One institution. The expression of God’s love for His children is the radical demonstration of love by His only Son, Jesus Christ. Why did Jesus die? To remove sin? Yes. To give an entrance into Heaven? Yes. To glorify Himself? Yes. But I believe one could convincingly argue as well the following point: to call out a people for His name (i.e., the church) which brings Him the greatest glory (Ephesians 1). Continue reading