Why I Love the Sportsmen’s Dinner

I love the Sportsmen’s Dinner! We had a great time this past Friday. Jerry Sivntsky was our guest speaker and did a great job preaching. 289 hunters, fishermen and “wanna-be’s” showed up to eat moose, to get free hunting gear and to see some incredible mounts. While it was a memorable evening, here are a few reasons why I love the Sportsmen’s Dinner:

I love the Sportsmen’s Dinner because it so manly! There is nothing greater than to walk around entire displays of dead animals. Bear, a huge variety of deer, mountain goat, coyote, fox, moose, elk and the list could go on and on. Everytime you turn around you’re hearing another hunting story – it’s great!

I love the Sportsmen’s Dinner because the entire church rallies around it. Thirty-eight crock pots, tons of desserts and dozens of mounts represent untold man-hours. From men coming in late Thursday evening to set up walls and mounts to early morning crock pots and the hours of time it took make desserts. Our entire church came together for the Gospel’s sake! It really models what a New Testament church does to see that Gospel goes forth in its community.

I love the Sportsmen’s Dinner because it is the largest evangelistic effort our church sees in a calendar year. We intentionally load our church calendar with multiple evangelistic efforts throughout the year (Summer Adventure Club, Revival Meetings, Community Sunday, Sanctity of Life Sunday, Armed Forces Appreciation Sunday, etc). The Sportsmen’s Dinner is, most likely, the one event that brings the most unsaved, unchurched people on to our church property. Folks love hunting, fishing and the stories and free stuff that come with the Sportsmen’s Dinner.

I love the Sportsmen’s Dinner because men, women and children hear and accept the Gospel. Five people trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Jerry Sivntsky did a great job presenting a clear Gospel message and the Gospel did what God promises it will do – saves people!

Pray that as we know begin the follow-up process we will see people grow in their new relationship with Jesus Christ.

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