Why Should You Love Your Church?

Well, I Love My Church Sunday has come and gone. Pastor preached a great message which can be found here. I would like to give some additional thoughts, hopefully helpful and thought-provoking, as to why YOU and I should LOVE our church!

God sent only one Son for only one institution. One birth. One Son. One death. One resurrection. One institution. The expression of God’s love for His children is the radical demonstration of love by His only Son, Jesus Christ. Why did Jesus die? To remove sin? Yes. To give an entrance into Heaven? Yes. To glorify Himself? Yes. But I believe one could convincingly argue as well the following point: to call out a people for His name (i.e., the church) which brings Him the greatest glory (Ephesians 1).

The Devil loves to see believers detached and isolated from a local church. It seems as if people can so easily become disengaged and disillusioned from the very idea or expression of God, that is the very source of encouragement and spiritual nourishment. Could it just be that the Devil recognizes the importance of accountability and encouragement that come from the local church? And that if he can somehow peel away the relationships and attachments that one has to a local church the faster they will disintegrate spiritually.

The Bible assumes that every believer is organically connected to a local church. Of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament only the first four do not specifically speak to local churches, but Matthew speaks prophetically of when the Founder would begin His church (Matthew 16:18). If 23 of 27 books are either written to specific local churches or to those found within a local church (e.g. Philemon, Titus) or those pastoring a local church (e.g. Timothy), it seems logical to assume that a believer must be organically connected to this living entity, we call, the church!

Fight to preserve those spiritual relationships that come primarily through the local church. You could easily make the point from the Scriptures  that we should fight to maintain those relationships that come primarily through the church. The Devil does more than fight to pull you away. All too often we allow petty disagreements or spiritual immaturity to keep us away from what we really need. Don’t allow others or even your own spirit to deceive yourself and thus distance yourself from those vital spiritual relationship that we need. Key relationships would include: Pastor, deacons, ABF and Sunday School teachers and fellow church members. Remember, this is a body and if a portion of the body is missing than it hurts the entire body.

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