Our first day full day in Israel began with a short visit to the current town of Jaffa which is where Peter stayed with Simon the tanner. I have a picture of a street near the Simon’s house.  We then journeyed on to the town of Ceasarea which is FULL of things to see.  Herod the Great built this town as a seaport to win the attention of Ceasar which is why it has its name.  In its day it was a beautiful seaport with a temple for worship of gods, the Hippodrome which was the site of many athletic games, and a huge amphitheater.  In the picture of Rochelle and me, the Hippodrome is off to our left.  This town is where Paul gave his defense before Agrippa and Festus (Acts 25, 26) and is where Herod Agrippa I was immediately killed because he received the worship of a god (Acts 12). There is a picture of the amphitheater. This is also the place Peter came to give the gospel to Cornelius and the whole house was saved (Acts 10).

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