Preparing Your Family for Sunday

Sundays in the Mosier home can be:

a) crazy

b) hectic

c) chaotic

d) all of the above

With four children in our home, ages 8, 6, 4 and 6 months; Sundays can be a bit hurried. Eat your food. Faster, please. Quick, brush your teeth. Please don’t pull your sister’s hair. Don’t forget dark socks. Switch your shoes…they’re on the wrong feet. On and on the instructions (& frustration) can go, but you get the point. In short, to have a good Sunday you prepare on Saturday. Here are ten suggestions that hopefully will be a help to you and your family.

  1. Lay your clothes and the kids’ clothes out the night before.
  2. Iron clothes and polish any shoes the night before.
  3. As the parent, get up 15-30 minutes earlier to make sure you’re ready to go.
  4. Choose a simple breakfast and use paper plates or bowls (easier clean up).
  5. Play good Christian music during breakfast. We like
  6. Keep the TV off on Sundays. It is less distracting and will set a different tone.
  7. Have a set routine for your children to do while they’re waiting – work on Sunday School verses, read books, color, etc.
  8. Don’t think of Saturday night as a time to stay up late (watching a movie or late night sports). Model for your family that Sundays place an importance in your life that you are willing to adjust your Saturday schedule.
  9. Fill up the gas tank on Saturday so you don’t feel rushed on Sunday morning.
  10. Pray as a family for Pastor and the church on Saturday night.

4 Responses

  1. Great suggestions Pastor!

  2. […] Preparing Your Family for Sunday « Bethel LifeSome outstanding tips to help you prepare your family for the Lord’s Day, very similar to what I argue in my book, Sound Worship. […]

  3. Thank you for the great suggestions Pastor Mosier.

  4. Tara, very wise suggestions. Thank You for taking time to share with us.

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