A Family Goal That Dad Can Keep

Sometimes as a man you can get marriage or family advice that is “easy” to understand but difficult or challenging to implement. This past Christmas I was speaking to my brother-in-law about how he attempts to keep his family a priority and he shared with me a piece of advice that was extremely helpful for him as a husband and father. He mentioned that right before he got married a man whom he respected encouraged him with a goal that was realistic. We’ll call it: the “TWO every WEEK” goal and the “ONE every WEEK” goal.

1) TWO every WEEK Goal: The goal is that each week you would spend two uninterrupted hours with your spouse on a date. Maybe it is Starbucks or going out to eat (my personal preference is Dunkin’ Donuts)? But there have been weeks when there were more bills than expected and we weren’t able to go out. Money should not dictate whether or not we’ll spend time with our spouse. After you put the kids to bed, grab a cup of coffee, keep the TV off and just talk to your wife. My initial thought was where in the world am I going to find two uninterrupted hours with my wife each week? But it is amazing when you organize your week before the week gets going that it is possible if you plan it. What gets prioritized gets planned and what gets planned gets accomplished!

2) ONE every WEEK Goal: The goal here is that each week as dad you would spend one hour with each child doing something they enjoy and at the same time that builds your relationship with them. Typically we go out and get an ice cream cone, maybe an appetizer at Applebee’s, play Monopoly or find something to do that’s one on one. The goal is relationship building. Sometimes we’ll talk about heart issues and other times we just have fun. The point is that your kids recognize and understand that dad wants to spend time with them and when he does he enjoys it too. My kids look forward to their time each week and will somtimes argue about whose turn it is.

We’ve missed a week or two already this year, but we just reschedule for the next week. I’ve found that this has been a rewarding and enjoyable time as I’ve gotten to know my wife and kids more each week. I hope it helps your family!

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for these helpful ideas.

  2. You’re welcome. I’m regularly looking/reading for ideas that will be a help to me to be a better dad and husband. We, dads, need all the help we can get : )

  3. Great perspective and simple application that we can all apply to our lives — thanks for sharing!

  4. Good thoughts. Thanks!

  5. I just saved this picture to my desktop to serve as a daily reminder. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

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