Adult Bible Fellowship

After preaching a message at church on our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABF) I wanted to talk through the emphases of our ABF’s. I am so excited at the huge potential we have at implementing how our church family can and should function when properly related with one another. The implications of the “one-another” passages are life-altering!

Adult Bible Fellowships are deliberately implementing God’s vision of church. We are not leaving to chance the “one-another” commands of the New Testament. We are endeavoring to intentionally inculcate the “one-another” commands into our church body. It is nearly impossible for those who sit in opposite sections of a church auditorium to know the needs of those sitting opposite them. We must be deliberate about seeking to fulfill the “one-another” passages of the New Testament.

Adult Bible Fellowships are intentionally life-stage oriented. Rather than grouping our ABF’s according to age divisions, we tend to be able to identify with those are in a similar stage of life. People feel more free to open up around those within their own life-stage.

Adult Bible Fellowships are consciously Bible-centered. Being Bible-centered is more than just a working definition of how we describe our ABF’s. We really are trying to consciously extract the applications of life from biblical principles. Discipleship isn’t go and do, but rather “come and be with me.” ABF’s are the means by which we establish healthy relationships so that we can invite other to “come and be with me.” People need to see the Christian life lived-out, outside the four walls of our church.

Adult Bible Fellowships are purposely fellowship-focused. They are fellowship focused for many reasons, but here’s a few…

  • discipleship happens more consistently under a true fellowship mindset (remember to think the ‘one-another’ passages)
  • assimilation doesn’t happen on accident, but on purpose
  • the lesson can be specifically geared to one’s stage of life, rather than a “shot-gun” approach of teaching a variety of life-stages

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