Book Review: Just Friends

So when can I start dating, dad?” I am not looking forward to hearing that question, but I’d rather give some thought to the issue now rather than later. Just Friends does just that. While primarily written to parents and pre-teens, those in their early teen years will find it helpful, even many college students have found it to be a useful book. To me the real value of the book, beside the biblical principles, is that it gives parents and pre-teens a common starting point on which to talk.

There are some incredibly helpful chapters…

  • Choose Controlled Emotions
  • Choose Family First
  • Choose True Love
  • Choose “Just Friends”
  • Becoming the Right Person

The book was written by seasoned pastors who have worked with families and teenagers for many years. This would be  a great book to go through with your pre-teen or teen. I could see a dad getting together once a week with your son or daughter until you’ve worked through the “highlights” of the book or depending on the make-up of your family even using it for your devotions. Every two or three chapters there is a Think About It section which include personal application questions that would make for great conversation starters.

The biblical principles are just that – biblical, and yet it’s written in an engaging and entertaining style that your teenager will enjoy. While your teen may roll his eyes that you even want to talk about this subject they will appreciate that you are taking the time to equip them with helpful, practical and life-changing principles.

In addition to ordering it online, you will also find it in our church bookstore.

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