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Spiritual people never think about money, right? They never have to balance a checkbook, crunch any numbers, or pick up a few hours of overtime on the weekend in order to make ends meet…right?…

Of course, that would be news to Jesus, who seems to have a lot to say about money in the Gospels. The truth is that the way we use our treasures on earth reveals where our treasure really lies.

Randy Alcorn reminds us of this fact in his short but impacting book, The Treasure Principle. He says, “You can’t take it with you, but you can send it on ahead.”

So this week we’ll be giving away a free copy of Randy Alcorn’s The Treasure Principle. Just post a comment admitting that you do in fact think about money, and we’ll select a winner at random next week.

15 Responses

  1. Dean Lautenbach at BJU used to tell us in accounting/economics/management class that money isn’t the most important thing, but it ranks close behind what is. His point was that the right use of money makes whatever is important in life easier to keep in its important place.

  2. Guilty.

  3. I definitely think about my finances and managing my money properly, which is part of the reason I signed up for the Financial Peace University 🙂

  4. Are Bethel employees allowed to enter?

  5. Luke 14:28 For which of you , intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it.
    When it comes to money, we all think about it. Our decisions should be made not on emotion or should I say the desire of that item. But is the item needed. I believe Jesus is teaching us in this verse, that we should be wise in making decisions regarding money. If we don’t count the cost, how do we know if we can afford that item? When decisions are made in this family. We decide together to wait until the money is saved up for that item. Well, I guess we are too frugal.

  6. God is faithful to meet the financial needs despite us. We can focus on our heavenly treasure, because God supplies our earthly needs. Just as we began to worry about finances last weekend, God reminded us this week that he provides, by giving Randy and unexpected bonus! What a blessing when we focus on the heavenly and not the earthly!

  7. We learned early in our individual homes that financial planning was just as important as any other planning, and that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”(Acts 20:35).
    When we got married it was almost second nature to practice this. I can’t say we were always the best stewards, but our intent was to live on what we had: which was not much on a married college student income! It also didn’t take us long to experience the truth that God’s shovel is bigger than our shovel.(Luke 6:38) Whenever we tried to do something for someone else, the return was always more than we could have imagined. This ranged from invitations to dinner when the groceries were running low, a case of baby formula left on the porch when our oldest was placed on a special (expensive) formula, or brand new winter coats for our boys the year that NC felt more like PA.
    Retrospectively, we realize that these gifts to us always followed a time when we sacrificed for someone else with time, talents, or treasure.
    We pray that we were able to successfully pass these lessons on to our guys and in the future will be able to teach them to the next generation of Rists.

  8. This is late, but maybe I’ll still qualify. Jenny and I are working hard at learning how (and practicing) living “beneath our means”. It’s the whole idea of “keeping up with the Jones’s” that gets us into trouble in the first place. We are learning to be happy with what the Lord has provided, and we are trusting Him to supply our needs…our wants may come later. Maybe they won’t…but for now “…the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge,That I may tell of all Your works” ~ Psalm 73:28

    • Don’t worry–comments are open until this Thursday afternoon (Mar. 18 @ 5pm). All good insights!

    • That sounds great. We always lived this way. Well, beneath our means. Our priority since day one of our marriage is to tithe and save for the future. I know in time this lifestyle will be natural to you. And God will bless you and meet your needs as well.

  9. Hoping our entry is not late also. Unfortunately, the “keeping up with the Jones'” mentality has gotten us in trouble also. We are working on not “keeping up with the Jones’s” and are looking forward to starting Financial Peace University.

  10. [Eyes closed, smirking involuntarily…] $$$$$….. Hmmm…..

  11. In this economy, who isn’t thinking about money! Just remember, He has already promised to meet our needs. God help us to be good stewards.

  12. Money doesn’t buy happiness…but it does make a nice down payment! Being able to make more helps you to give more! Every day should be like Christmas because it is much better to give than to receive….but, without receiving there is no giving. Give your money while you’re living so you’re knowing where it’s going.

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