Opposing Views of God

I heard part of an interview on NPR last Friday with Rabbi Harold Kushner, in which he challenges the Biblical view of God that has been preached from our pulpit through the life of Joseph and the life of Moses.  Kushner rejects the idea of an omnipotent God, because it seems to conflict with His kindness and love.  Kushner’s experience with losing a son prompted him to write Why Bad Things Happen to Good People, in which he rejects an understanding of God that holds Him to be both omnipotent and good.

As I listened to the interview, the statements made by Kushner were very startling to me, evoking verbal dissent!  At the same time, I am very aware that Christians who suffer are assaulted with these types of questions, and even tempted to embrace Kushner’s views.  Why?  Because they make sense to the human mind.

But God does not accommodate Who He is to fit our finite understanding.  He wants us to embrace all of Him by faith.  He promises to give us grace and comfort by His Spirit and His Word in trials.  I would highly encourage everyone to read Not By Chance, by Layton Talbert.  (Check the Bethel bookstore.)  It is loaded with Biblical evidence of God’s providence.  This book will not answer all of your questions about suffering, but it will strengthen your soul and your faith.  When we have moments of doubt and weak faith, we will need this type of strength for the inner man.  We cannot survive spiritually without the truth of God’s Word.

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