Free Stuff Friday (on Saturday)

Life’s not fair.

When I announce this week’s Free Stuff Friday winner, some of you will need to repeat those words ten times with your eyes closed.

I know, I know. Maybe you’ve been attending Bethel for decades and have faithfully followed the Bethel Life blog since day one. If any one should be selected to receive an exclusive copy of Randy Alcorn’s The Treasure Principle, signed by…well…no one, it should be you, right?

And then this newbie comes along, on whose membership certificate the ink has yet to dry, and takes the glorious victory right out of your hands. Life’s not fair.

If you haven’t already guessed, this week’s winner, selected by an advanced algorithmical randomization method is…Kevin Lin!

Congratulations, Kevin. See me this Sunday to claim your invaluable prize.

One Response

  1. Thank Jake for the courage to dodge eggs and tomatoes while breaking this tough news! We must find out to whom this precious prize truly belongs. Bring me a sword… Divide the book in a dozen, and give each piece to everyone else! – Kevin Lin

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