11 Things I Love About Bethel Baptist Church

Well, it has been almost three months since my family joined the staff here at Bethel Baptist Church.  It has been a wonderful transition for us.  Here are eleven of the many reasons why we are excited to be at Bethel Baptist Church. 

  1. Bethel is a wholesome encouraging atmosphere for my children to grow in. 
  2. Bethel makes children’s ministry exciting.  I often hear the hopeful question “Daddy, Is it church- day today?” 
  3. Bethel gives helpful training to parents at all stages of life.  
  4. Bethel has preaching that is God-centered, helpful, accurate and challenging.
  5. Bethel continually, actively, purposefully reaches out to the community.
  6. Bethel strives for excellence to the glory of God.  I’m “proud” to invite people to visit church here.
  7. Bethel is sensitive to the needy, sick and hurting.
  8. Bethel fosters a healthy respect for their godly, faithful heritage.
  9. Bethel is passing on the ways of God from one generation to another.
  10. Bethel has a fantastic group of young energetic families who love God and enjoy Him. 
  11. Bethel has very generous, ministry-minded people.  There are so many people involved here!

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