Insights from the Unchurched

In light of our church’s emphasis to invite families and friends to our upcoming Easter services I found some interesting statistics that you will find encouraging. Thom S. Rainer gives some surprising insights in his book The Unchurched Next Door.

  1. The unchurched are not anti-church. (4 of 10 have a friendly attitude; only 16% are negative.)
  2. Over 17 million Americans will accept Christ if presented with the Gospel. Another 43 million are close.
  3. Most unchurched persons believe in the existence of both heaven and hell. (79% and 70% respectively.)
  4. Unchurched persons are nervous but willing to talk about matters of faith.
  5. Most of the unchurched have a fairly high view of the Bible. (1/3 believe it is totally true; another 46% believe it is generally true.)
  6. Most of the unchurched would rather talk to a layperson than a minister about religious matters
  7. Easter is till a key time to invite the unchurched.
  8. Many of the unchurched wonder why their Christian neighbors and co-workers do not invite them to church.
  9. Most of the unchurched have a spiritual view of life.

Taken from The Unchurched Next Door (Grand Rapids, MI. Zondervan, 2003. pp. 44-55).

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