10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Ministry – part 1

Does ministry involvement ever become more of a chore than a ministry? I’m starting a two-part series titled 10 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Ministry. Recently I went to lunch with a man who is very involved in various aspects of ministry here at Bethel Baptist. I walked away so thankful for a man who loves the Lord and his local church! Part of what is so refreshing is that he has taken on himself the burden that Pastor has given from the pulpit and has begun to own the vision himself. Here is the beginning of the 10 Questions…

  1. What is my area of ministry at church?
    Could you quickly name off the primary ministry you’re involved in? Every child of God ought to be involved in local church ministry. I thank God for Christian ministries who are a help to our community.   But remember, a Christian’s primary responsibility is to his local church. The Bible refers to the local church as a body and that every member of the body ought to function as God has gifted him. Remember, if you’re not serving, something is not getting accomplished that God wants to do.
  2. Am I dependable in my area of ministry at church?
    How would your ministry partners describe you? On time? Sometimes late? Who knows if they’ll show up? Plan on arriving 15-20 minutes early for your ministry responsibilities. If you’re going to miss, find a pre-approved substitute. Make sure to over-communicate to the ministry leader to whom you’re responsible.
  3. Is there spiritual fruit within my ministry?
    I understand spiritual fruit is just that – spiritual. From time to time it may be difficult to tell what exactly is happening, but there ought to be an over-arching direction in your sphere of ministry that communicates spiritual progress and growth.
  4. Do I think about my ministry throughout the week?
    I find that with key ministry leaders in a church, the ones that are successful are the ones who think about their responsibilities throughout the week. They are thinking of better ways to communicate, more effective means of showing care and concern. They touch base with people within the church family with an e-mail, text message, phone call or quick note of encouragement.
  5. How has my ministry improved over the past year?
    Could you point to areas that have improved as a direct or indirect result of you? Maybe, a better means of communication between you and a department director? Maybe, improved visuals? Maybe, increased prayers? Whatever it is, how has the ministry improved because of your direct involvement?

To be continued…

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